Friday, January 7, 2011

A Writing Date

Happy Friday Lovelies! Friday has finally arrived! What exciting plans do you have on your calendar for the next two days? Going out with friends? Staying in with a movie?
Over the holidays my schedule was hectic and crazy, which really made it difficult for me to do much writing and I'm starting to feel the affects. 
 My journal has been sadly sitting on my bedside table for the last few weeks, empty of any new entries. Regardless of the information I write, I find myself more focused, at ease and put together after spilling my thoughts on a page. The practice of writing is very theraputic for me.  One of my favorite times in the day is when I can crawl up with my journal and scribble down my life on the page. I've been writing since I was eleven and I have found that it is a really interesting experience to read back on your journals. Reading entries from highschool and college are not only though provoking, but flat out hilarious. So besides attending a wedding and spending time with friends, I definitely have a date with my journal on my mental "To Do" list. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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