Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Looking good: Osbourne waves to fans as she heads to the studio

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

While flipping through TV last week I ran across The Fashion Police, a television show featured on E! Entertainment. Long story short, it’s basically a show of mindless entertainment. The primary hostess is the ever famous blonde haired, post-menopausal, ranting and highly annoying Joan Rivers. The woman has been patched, pulled, and buffed to the point of being a wax doll. 

She pretty much berates every living person for their nonexistent sense of style, while humorously straining to show emotion through years of Botox and bad plastic surgery.

Alas, I noticed one of the show’s hosts is Kelly Osborne. We all remember her from the MTV hit reality series, “The Osbournes”. I really have come to admire her these days. She has dealt with a great deal of scrutiny in the last several years. Being the child of a rock icon probably isn't the most stable life to grow up in. Her very public battle with her health and weight, I can only imagine must have been difficult. But she looks better than ever and I’m really digging her style. It’s crazy to see her transition through the years. She once described herself as “a chubby English girl who didn’t fit in anywhere” and told her parents she’d rather be called ugly than fat. It is inspiring to see where someone has been and how they have chosen a healthier outlook on life. Keep it up Kelly!

Before: Kelly at her heaviest weight. After: Kelly showing off her healthier figure, her hours in the gym and healthy diet has paid off!

In full stride: Kelly Osbourne shows off her trim figure as she heads into an LA studio to film Chelsea Lately
Kelly, gearing up to be the latest guest of our favorite female comedian, Chelsea Handler. I'm loving this 1940's style dress! When asked in an interview lately about her weight loss and her vigorous workout routine, Kelly responded. 'It is the old fashioned way of making a commitment to yourself and waking up everyday and doing it.'
She does admit to treating herself on occation. Thank God, she's normal! This is her response to the question, "If I want a piece of cake I'm going to eat a f***ing piece of cake. You just have to learn your boundaries." Well said Kelly, I couldn't agree more.


LYDIA HOPE said...

Not that I advocate starving yourself or anything but she def looks better now she's lost some weight x

Kim said...

Wow, big change! She definitely looks good, her hard work payed off.


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