Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fashion

There is nothing like the small joys in life that make one happy. For instance, earlier this week I recieved this month's editions of my new favorites magazines: Bazaar and Lucky. Between those and my worn in copy of Vogue's September issue, I am a happy camper.
The stacked magazines lay on my glass coffee table, and paired with a nice glass of white wine, I take in the fashion. Sounds dramatic, I know! But, like I said, every woman has their own little strange behaviors, and this is mine.
  I love to glance through the pages, sift through the latest trends and get my fill on this months featured designers. For any woman who has ever read a fashion magazine, you immediately realize that unlike  men's magazines which directs the reader right to the editorial feature; the first 20-40 pages of any women's fashion magazine are all advertisements. And at this time of year designers pay as much attention on their ad in a top magazine as they do to their preciously designed outfits. This Fall's ad campaigns are colorful, dynamic and nostalgic. The designers have taken their time creating the idea behind the photo. And the final product? Perfection. Which one do you like best?

Louis Vuitton hits the nail on the head while capturing the classic American 1950's look. The models look stunning and feminine.

I love the classic masculine feel of this ad. Can I have his tailor?

The A-line Silhouettes and the perfectly done bouffants, love it.

This ad screams prep school in the fall. Completely Tommy, no one does this look better than him.

Yep, fur is definitely the trend. But where are the sequins???

Channeling a British 1970's vibe with a twist.

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