Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Series

So I am finally on the last book of the Peter Mayle series about life in Provence. Although I did read them out of order. The series is so fascinating and have left me on more than one occasion browsing online for cheap flights to France. Mayle has a delectable way of making everything sound delicious, even some of the odd and lesser known French dishes. 
His writing is quirky, creative, while easy to read and flows nicely on the page. Half way through the book you feel as though you not only are there with him as he describes the landscape, the fields of lavender or the smell of the olive groves; but you also feel very much at home with the writing itself. It is not over the top, the language and his choice of words are always perfect for the occasion; you find yourself reading on the the next chapter even though the clock shows that its way past your bedtime. Needless to say, if you haven't read any of Peter Mayle's bestselling books then your missing out.

* A Year in Provence * Toujours Provence * Encore Provence

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Molly McGonigle said...

I'm glad to have found this post ... I am always looking for book suggestions. I'm intrigued by these ones. :)


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