Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photography Genius

One of my favorite photographers, Annie Leibovitz, recently showed her genius once again with her brilliant Vogue photo session of Karen Elson and Jack White. For the debut of Karen's album release, the two agreed to be photographed for the first time together and Leibovitz hit the nail on the head. She is well versed with the camera and is one of the few celebrated photographers to have toured with the Rolling Stones during the 1970's. Leibovitz was also the last photographer to professionally photograph John Lennon- he was shot and killed five hours later.

Photo Shoot from the June edition of Vogue Magazine
with Karen Elson and Jack White.

As with her much of her work she specializes in giving the subject of her lenses a magical touch. Capturing surreal moments and the space between the object and the surroundings
I am mesmerized by her work. She is truly able to capture the extraordinary beauty in the ordinary of everyday life.

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