Friday, April 24, 2009

Misty Shore

"A battle wages. Distant voices call my heart to attention. Haunted I stand empty handed, open-eyed toward heaven. Translucent beams cast shadow through folded clouds. I see my image in a puddle before me. The reflection stares back in question. I walk on. Stepping through, pulling foward, letting go; my foot graces the future. His face is misty, blurred like waves through muddled glass. I want more, I choose more. This fate, this peice of destiny is mine. A broken life, wrapped in the cloaks of love. Reaching out, I seap my toes into white sugar sand. A smile bubbles within and greets my lips with surprise.
Looking behind, I see nothing but shadows of a past I once knew. Gazing ahead, I ponder at the shores of an unknow future, its mysteries lay hidden. In the stillness of the present I find myself. Somewhere between a moment gone and a blink to come do I stand. All around me the world turns, but for now I will just be..."-MJB

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